For San Antonio City Council District 1
"Howdy I am Brad Kessler, I am running for City Council to fight for working families, and to move our city forward, I am running to give you and your family the seat on the dais and the voice at city hall, I will roll up my sleeves and work tirelessly for you to ensure we have an economically and socially prosperous city moving forward"
  1. Law Enforcement
    I fully support our law enforcement from all agencies, San Antonio Police, Constables, and Sheriffs. I will stand by our officers side and give them the voice and support they deserve and need. Never will I turn my back on our police officers.
  2. Military Installations
    The defense industry in San Antonio employs over 80,000 and provides a $5.25 billion impact to the city's economy, and for that reason, I will make sure to always defend and preserve our military installations.
  3. Firefighters
    I fully support and stand with our firefighters, I will make sure they get the treatment and fairness they deserve and also i'd make sure they have the latest equipment and proper funding. Our firefighters know I will have their backs day and night.
  4. Tax Cuts
    San Antonians must get a burden of heavy taxes imposed on them off their chest! I will fight to cut taxes for businesses and property owners to see a real growth for our local economy.
    Tax Cuts
  5. Veterans
    I am a strong supporter of our military community and I just have to personally say "Thank you to our men and women who have fought and protected the United States of America, God Bless You." I strongly appreciate those who have served us in the Armed Forces and now it's my turn to give back. I will make sure veterans get the job opportunities, business opportunities to become productive and successful in San Antonio. I encourage the hiring of veterans and also the help for veterans to become small business owners. I strongly support veteran’s organizations, foundations, and community organizations to end veteran homelessness in San Antonio and Texas. I support increasing options for veteran's healthcare and legal services for veterans.
  6. Alamo
    I will support the remembrance over re-imagining of the Alamo Mission and embrace/expand the rich history and heritage of San Antonio's culture and Texas legacy from the past.
Modern Transportation
World Class Airport
I support the full expansion for San Antonio to achieve a world-class airport. San Antonio was ranked a city with one of the worst airports in the nation, And that is unacceptable. San Antonio is the 7th largest city and needs to expand its flight travel around the nation and world. San Antonio deserves to be an international hub and a strong economic symbol to the city. The airport creates jobs and brings in an economic opportunity such as tourist, We must embrace the tourism and flights entering and leaving San Antonio and I will fully support San Antonio becoming an efficient and successful airport. San Antonio's airline travel must compete on an international stage with other cities around the world. The airport is an important resource not just to the city but also to District 1.
I fully support modernizing transportation in San Antonio as to enabling a streetcar or a monorail. It is time that San Antonio expands its transportation services into the 2020's by accommodating into a unique and new way of public transportation. I will fight to make sure San Antonio gets a modern public transportation system at a price that won't lead us into debt or hurt the pocket of taxpayers, I want to be smart with how we can enable and afford this project as it is time for the 7th largest city in the nation to sprawl out and build a streetcar for downtown and a monorail throughout District 1 and a speed train connecting our neighboring towns and cities. Expanding San Antonio's public transportation will create jobs, grow the economy and also make commuting around the city easier.
Senior Citizens
Arts And Culture
I will make sure our senior citizens are never ignored or mistreated in San Antonio and I will make sure they get the respect and treatment they deserve. I want our senior citizens to feel beloved and welcomed in the community by providing the care, safety and also they voice they deserve, as a millennial and candidate I look to acknowledge and speak up and fight for any assistance our senior citizens may need. Their voice matters too and its time for a change.
I will make sure arts and culture are not just a priority in District 1 but are a priority in San Antonio as it is time to truly embrace our heritage and culture for the world to see. Music and art programs should be expanded throughout San Antonio in bridging communities together through our uniqueness in Texas and to the rest of the world. I will make sure San Antonio expands its background heritage and culture to truly become a city interesting and rich in its Latin heritage and Texan cultures. As a strong advocate for art, I will protect San Antonios famous murals and landmarks/statues and preserve 101% of our city's diverse cultural heritage.
I will make sure that our city doesn't go buck wild spending taxpayer money on ridiculous costly rates or spending on unnecessary things and focus on whats important. I will make sure that the city makes deals like no other where we will save taxpayer money and we make the smart choices to not lead San Antonio into debt. Balancing a stable budget is important for the future economy of the city.
Small Business
Working With State And Federal Government
Equality For Women
I strongly support small businesses, small business provides commerce, trade, and services to the community but more importantly they employee many citizens. I support tax cuts for small businesses and cutting many regulations so small businesses can grow, employ more and increase wages. I also strongly support small banks because small banks help a lot with small businesses and working together creates a prosperous community. Under my leadership, San Antonio will be PRO business. I strongly support the initiatives to enable more women-owned businesses and more veteran, latin and black-owned businesses in San Antonio and District 1.
I will make sure to fight and bring equality to women in San Antonio through opportunities and economic success. Women deserve fairness and a voice in government, I will not let women be put down or aside as they deserve equal treatment too. I will fight for protecting the rights and improving the lives of women and girls on the ground in San Antonio and beyond, I will fight to make sure women are always given a voice in the city and I will make sure women get equal pay and treatment for all opportunities in San Antonio, such as medical, education and job opportunities. I will advocates for a wide range of economic justice issues affecting women including a living wage, job discrimination, pay equity, social security, & more. Women deserve better NOW in San Antonio.
I am willing to work and communicate with our state officials in Austin and federal officals in Washington to make sure San Antonio gets a voice, and to make sure any problems that face San Antonio the answer will be called in from Austin and Washington. I want to keep an open conversation and back support from state officials, the office of the governor and those in federal offices. I want those in Austin and Washington at the capitol to be aware of the problems that may occur in our city and with any challenges we may face. Homelessness, taxes, infrastructure projects, creating jobs and expanding energy should be an open dialog that travels smoothly between San Antonio and those at the capitol in Austin and Washington and I want to make sure we have a good understanding and relationship to make San Antonio and Texas the greatest places in the United States. A good government with local and state and federal officials means good communities and transparency.
Public Safety
I am a strong supporter of all forms of education, I believe parents should decide where and what sort of education is best for their children. I, however, do strongly support public education and the expansion of Pre-K 4 SA, creating more jobs in the community for teachers and building more schools and ensuring more students are getting an education from an early age to graduation is whats important and what matters. I have personally renovated deteriorating schools in San Antonio, and to see more money funded into our teachers, students, and expansion of schools really makes the future for San Antonio's students and educators an exciting sight. One of my top priorities is making sure schools are protected and have the necessary resources to give our students a quality education.
I am a strong supporter of our Police and Firefighters in San Antonio, I am committed to making District 1 safer through policies and having the backs of our first responders. I have always advocated and fought for safer streets and communities in San Antonio. Restoring first responder services by providing proper funding, replacing outdated vehicles and equipment and hiring more Police officers and Firefighters, keeping more ambulances and patrol cars in use. I prioritize the decreasing emergency response times for first responders helping those in need. I will work fiercely hand in hand with our law enforcement to make sure San Antonio has safer neighborhoods, communities and a safer downtown. I will create educational community programs to keep a strong partnership with Police officers, City leaders, and Citizens. The future of San Antonio is to see violent crimes and petty crimes decrease in huge rates throughout downtown and all neighborhoods in District 1.
I fully support the infrastructure system and know its time to fix our sidewalks, streets, bridges, and highways. It's time to repair our roads, expand our roads and more importantly build more roads! Traffic congestion is a problem in San Antonio and in District 1, Having deteriorating roads is a priority of mine to get fixed. I strongly encourage adding new sidewalks and repairing many sidewalks throughout downtown and the neighborhoods in District 1. We can not make San Antonio or District 1 #1 with bad infrastructure, So I will always be striking down the city as to keeping up with great and strong roadways and sidewalks. I am committed to revitalizing our parks, finding new ways to create green spaces and recreational facilities in San Antonio. I will make sure no area in District 1 is neglected and we will keep our alleys clean and make sure no area has bulky trash or dump laying around. Tree trimming and graffiti removal around downtown and neighborhoods in District 1 is a must! I will team up with businesses, local residents, and nonprofits to host community cleanup efforts and engage in educational campaigns.
  1. Jail Reform
    I strongly support a criminal justice jail reform for San Antonio. I support the rehabilitation and job opportunities for those who have been incarcerated to be given a second chance to be productive in the community.
  2. Highways
    I strongly support and will fight for the expansion of our highways in San Antonio. It's time to expand and reinvent the ways of transportation for 1604, IH-10 and Interstate 35 to ease traffic congestions immediately.
  3. Religious Liberty
    I will fight to make sure religious liberties in San Antonio are protected and defended as they are written in the constitution. Protecting the voice of all religious backgrounds will be a priority of mine.
Animal Rights
Downtown Hotels
One City, Standing Tall
As a lifelong animal lover and animal rights activist, I will continue to defend and preserve the lives of animals and continue to support a "no kill" in San Antonio. I will support a animal welfare and safe havens for both domestic and wild animals in the city. I am committed to working with nonprofits, organizations and enabling city resources to make San Antonio a place where all animals can live safely and happy also in great harmony.
I support the development of bringing more hotels into downtown and District 1. The more hotels there are in San Antonio the more room we have for major events to be hosted at the convention center and Alamodome also with more hotels in San Antonio we increase more revenue, jobs and much-needed services in the city. I want to expand hotel and hospitality service in downtown San Antonio to not just benefit the district but to benefit the city as a whole, bringing in more tourism and major events to our city bring in more business to local business owners and keep our city busy in earning revenue from travel and tourist.
I truly will fight and push to make San Antonio a national and recognizable city for opening a business, starting the Texan dream and being able to live comfortably. Raising a family, opening a business, and the vast range of opportunities our city provide I will make sure we stand apart from the competitive cities and we become the city leading by example. I will truly push San Antonio to lead the nation in quality of life, fairness, economic opportunities and the city to retire in. San Antonio is the 7th largest city in the nation, its time to show the world to follow our example in why we are the "lucky 7".
Limiting Big Government
Clean Communities
I will fight to make sure San Antonio and District 1 have and maintain a "clean community". I will ensure our alleys, sidewalks, streets, and parks are clean and maintained properly for all. the time is now to make San Antonio clean and beautiful and I will launch a "make San Antonio beautiful TODAY" campaign to make sure downtown and the neighborhoods are nicely maintained and clean for all our citizens and tourist.
I will fight to make sure our homeless get the help and treatment they deserve as it is time to terminate homelessness in San Antonio. I will seek to work with non-profits and gather city resources to create programs to help get our homeless off the streets, on to their feet and back into a productive society today. I will make sure to get our homeless rehabilitated and put into a home and be given jobs and the medical and educational help so they can be given a second chance and provide a loyal service to the city and community in the helping efforts as clean up parks and roadways and help maintain and rebuild city infrastructure. The time is now and our homeless deserve the help and voice they need in San Antonio.
I will support the reduction and size of local government and provide more transparency giving the voice and power back to the people. It is time citizens make the decisions at city hall. I support accountability and transparency in local politics and it is time San Antonio gets this treatment. The power should always be for the people, by the people and electing people who will make great changes to communities and who will listen.
Green Spaces
Economic Development
Friendly Competition, Working With Neighbors
I will fight to make sure our parks get the treatment they deserve and are a welcoming and safe place for the community to enjoy as it is a getaway into the nature and beauty of San Antonio's tranquility. Everyone in all communities deserves a piece of relaxation and nature. I will push to make sure the city and community host more events and local gatherings at parks to create a socialization and engagement for all to enjoy, such as movies in the park, food events, cultural events, music events. I also support expanding our parks and working with museums and non-profits also fitness programs to create the ultimate and most fun experience our parks can provide.
I will push for some serious economic development in San Antonio, District 1 is rich with tremendous potential to grow. District 1 deserves more businesses and museums and also a nightlife and significant living abilities for those moving into the city. A growing city is a connecting city and enabling strong economic development in District 1 with more businesses and museums and community events creates connections and community prosperity.
Its time San Antonio creates and works in a friendly competition with Austin and Houston in jobs, large and national events and infrastructure and also the affordability of living. I want San Antonio to compete on a massive scale in wages, jobs, economic opportunities, and quality of life for citizens. As for our small neighbors in town, id love to work with cities such as Converse and Castle hills on infrastructure projects to ease traffic congestions and work on public safety issues to keep San Antonio and our neighboring towns safe.
Community Empowerment
No More Hunger
I am a strong supporter of job growth, I want to implement serious changes to the city's policies that will make it easier to do business in San Antonio, create high earning jobs and boost the city's economic sector. I will fight to lower confusing regulations and high taxes for businesses and support a tax relief to businesses willing to bring hundreds of new jobs to the city and high wages. It is time to make deals with large corporations or entities who plan to enrich our economy in San Antonio. I want San Antonio to bring in companies from the tech industry and the auto industry to expand our job force and economy and start hiring San Antonian's to lead the workforce to the next level. Companies such as Tesla, Space X, BMW, And Apple investing in San Antonio can really shape up our economy and provide a San Antonian made service to the rest of the nation and world.
I am a supporter of ending hunger throughout San Antonio for the homeless and animals. I will work with nonprofits, organizations and create a program in the city to enable schools, restaurants, and businesses to save food rather than to throw it away be donated to the homeless or animals in need. This new program to end hunger in SA once and for all to all will be extremely beneficial and will save so much food from being wasted. Food not consumed in restaurants, schools or any place else should be gathered and brought to hunger shelters where they will then be distributed among the homeless and animal community. I will enable community hunger days where our team and local residents and also first responders go out around the city distribute and help feed stray animals and the homeless.
I support the community coming forward to engage in politics and voice their opinions to truly know what needs fixing. I want to see neighborhood councils, associations and resident organizations to provide a valuable outlet in voicing their concerns or opinions on issues in the city. I will make sure to listen to citizens and provide services and assistance to give positive feedback to the community. I strongly encourage and support the youth to come out and join neighborhood meetings and voicing their thoughts on the current state of San Antonio. We need community output and engagement NOW because without your advice or knowledge city officials won't know what truly concerns residents.
Healthcare Clinics
I strongly support investing and maintaining city healthcare clinics for creating a healthier and safer community. San Antonio must be able to provide care to all citizens health and I support creating more jobs in the medical field and providing a beneficial service to San Antonio residents.
I am a strong supporter of our military community and I just have to personally say "Thank you to our men and women who have fought and protected the United States of America, God Bless You." I strongly appreciate those who have served us in the Armed Forces and now it's my turn to give back. I will make sure veterans get the job opportunities, business opportunities to become productive and successful in San Antonio. I encourage the hiring of veterans and also the help for veterans to become small business owners. I strongly support veteran’s organizations, foundations, and community organizations to end veteran homelessness in San Antonio and Texas. I support increasing options for veteran's healthcare and legal services for veterans.