For Converse City Council
"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” -  John F. Kennedy


“¡Sí Se Puede!" Is a phrase I always Hear when I talk to folks about running for office. With those 3 words, that’s what fuels me to run and it gives me the strive, encouragement, to take leadership to the next generation. "I am proud to be running for Converse City Council!" - Brad Kessler

Brad Kessler  is a lifelong Bexar County resident, small business owner, and general contractor. Brad grew up the Son of a Father working as a blue-collar business owner and a Mother who is a First Responder, he graduated from Judson Learning Academy in the city's northeast side and knows the value of serving his community and the value of hard work as Brad has done being around the construction industry and various non profits while in his off time. Brad is committed to leading the City of Converse in the best interest of the community with professionalism, integrity, and honesty. Brad has always been for the community as he has devoted his life to helping others in the saying “service before self” helping rebuild and revitalize schools, small businesses, neighborhoods and military bases. Brad has had a life experience to give back to communities when as a child he volunteered with his father to go down to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005 to help rebuild the city and help a community in desperate need, passing out water, food, clothes and helping clear up streets of debris, Brad was driven to always put the community and people first before thinking about himself. Going down to New Orleans in 2005 after the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is what motivated Brad to help people in need and change the communities for the better. As years gone by Brad has volunteered with many nonprofits and organizations to help communities such as American Red Cross, Goodwill, and the Humane Society. When it comes to helping others, Brad has always been there, whether it's for the Animals, Homeless or Natural Disasters Brad makes his presence known and lends an extending arm for gratitude to help. Brad spent nearly a month offering his services for free to people in Houston and Corpus Christi after the disaster of Hurricane Harvey helping clear roads, renovate homes and small stores and also offering assistance to first responders pulling people out from high water situations and people stuck in flood waters. Brad says its a gift to be given the love to give back and help others always. Brad Kessler now a candidate for Converse City Council wants to put his honor and passion into local government to make the changes necessary for a better community to all. Brad has always advocated for policies that will bring the community together and prosper, being a grassroots activist and organizer Brad loves being around the people of the community to ensure the needs of the people are met. Brad Kessler we believe, is the better candidate, one who brings more promise of change and honesty to address the City of Converse many inequities, one who brings fresh ideas and a new voice into city hall this year, a promise of change and a vision to move Converse forward. Brad is a newcomer, a young, hip, inspired choice at 24 years of age, Brad seeks to make the changes necessary to ensure Converse sees change and progress that will benefit everyone comfortably.”
Brad Kessler is a blue-collar small business owner who dealt with remodeling and renovations. As a San Antonio/Converse native and millennial, I know the value of hard work and creating innovation that will benefit the community and future for all. I have worked hard remodeling and renovating businesses for the better of any community even through dark times such as hurricane Harvey all the way to hurricane Isaac. I have gone out of my way to attend communities in desperate need of repair and I have lent a hand to those in need, "I enjoy the smile on peoples faces when they see me and a group of military trucks come by to repair their home or business when the disaster has hit.". infrastructure means a lot to me since that is what I was born to do as a skill that has offered much satisfaction to people around the city and state. When I see schools, fire stations, businesses and homes in need of repair I offer my work and make a difference in my community. I have always been involved in making impacts around the city and country since I was a small boy as to advocating for animal rights and environmental water and farm land protection also the gratitude for our fellow veterans who return from war. Making a difference and a real change in my community is something God destined me to do, I wont stop until I have come to the satisfaction with ensuring fairness and opportunities are given to everyone, and also making sure our children, elderly, middle class and working class get a proper voice in government and are made sure they are equally represented. I won't stop until EVERYONE is equally represented and I will promise to keep that with me as it is time to be the change we need and a voice we deserve. - Kessler
Kessler knows the value of community service and hard work, also cherishing precious achievements he has made throughout his life. Born in San Antonio and raised in Converse, Graduating from Judson Learning Academy and attending St. Monicas Catholic Church in the heart of Converse next to city hall and council chambers reflecting on how he can make a big difference in his community, coming from a mother who is a local police officer and a father who is a small business owner Kessler knows that integrity and civil service come hand in hand. Brad Kessler is and has always been devoted to the people. That’s what being a Political Candidate is all about. After years of experience helping in non-profits and charities and also political parties to make a positive change in the lives of families, seniors and young people Brad Kessler is now taking it to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that fuels his fight for change. Explore the site to learn more about the issues that Brad Kessler is concerned with, his plan to tackle the problems and ways you can join his cause. it's time we make Converse a city for you TODAY!​​

Community Involvement/Memberships

Class President in Judson High 2015
- JR AFROTC Cadet in Judson
- Member of St. Monica Catholic Church
- Member of Bexar County/Texas GOP
- American Legion Post 593
- VFW POST 4676
- Fmr Volunteer FireFighter
- Converse Citizens Police Academy
- Converse Citizens Fire Academy
- Bexar County Sheriffs Citizen Academy
- American Red Cross
- Humane Society of America
- Adopt-A-Highway
- Lions Club
- Texas State Troopers Association
- 100' Club of San Antonio
- San Antonio Chamber of Commerce
- Habitat for Humanity
- San Antonio Pets Alive
- American Police Officers Alliance
​- Wounded Warriors Project
- San Diego Zoo Volunteer 2017
- Judson Learning Academy
- Student at Texas State University
- ITT Technical Institute
- Universal Technical Institute
- Small Business Owner/General Contractor
- Real Estate/Auto Enthusiast Mechanic & Vendor
- Currently Investing in a U.S. Armed Forces Military Museum to provide history and educational knowledge on the American Military and also donate and provide events for Veterans across Texas. (Kessler Foundation for the American Troops)